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do you feel called to

work together on a deeper level?

1:1 mentorship

with alyse

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watch this first

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is this you?

- you resonate with the messages / teachings i share online and the ways i've navigated the highs & lows of life

- you're at a point where you are being called into a new version of yourself, and are seeking guidance during

this metamorphosis

- you want to move through life from a more calm, grounded, and intentional state of being

- you enjoy investing in your personal growth & are ready to receive support on your healing + awakening journey

- you have a desire to share your learnings, insights, and embodiment from our work together with the

people in your life

Pastel Gradient Background

My Experience

10 years of self study in personal development, psychology, and inner healing modalities

4 years working with somatic "body based" practitioners

150+ sessions received for nervous system regulation and attachment system repair

Dynamic Neural Retraining System for healing chronic illness

Mentorship with SteveN Kessler - author of The 5 Personality Patterns

personally coached over 300 clients + facilitated 9 self growth retreats

Currently studying at Luminous Awareness Institute for energetics

and developmental healing

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common themes

that i support my ​clients with

Strengthening self awareness + expanding beyond the judging mind

Cultivating a deeper sense of safety within your nervous system

Healing from the core belief (wounding) that your worth is based on your achievements

Processing stuck emotions from past or current experiences

Feeling more present and patient

with yourself and others

Navigating times of transition with more ease and inner-stability

Communicating consciously and effectively in relationships

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approaches that

i use in sessions

Parts work (IFS)

Somatic Experiencing

Brain rewiring techniques

Nervous system regulation

Shifting states of awareness

energetic attunement

Conscious language

Identity work

And more

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what makes me different

i Bridge spiritual concepts with practical action steps to help my clients experience tangible change and transformation in their lives

i Understand how early developmental trauma shapes our adult self + ways to heal these early woundings so that we can operate from a state of presence

my unwavering presence, lighthearted curiosity, + intuitive precision Creates an easeful environment for healing

upon request, I also work with couples to uncover the unconscious dynamics holding you back from experiencing more mature and authentic connection

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what i look for in

a new client

you are Aware of your patterns in relationships, friendships, and family dynamics

you have experience with journaling, meditating, and noticing limiting thought patterns / behaviors

you are Committed to showing up on time for sessions and completing integration steps in-between calls

you Desire to embody a more calm, grounded, and present version of yourself

you are Connected to the greater purpose of your inner work as a gift to our collective evolution

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*6-month minimum commitment

what's included monthly:

✔️ (3) 60-minute video sessions

✔️ personalized action steps +

resources to support integration

✔️ Accountability SUPPORT

in-between sessions (via voxer)

$997 per month or $5700 in full

1:1 Mentorship Program

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What is the average homework/work load you assign to clients between calls?

-- This is entirely up to the individual client with how much time they are willing and able to dedicate to integration. From past and current clients, I’d say the average is 2 hours of action steps per week.

what is the typical outline for a session?

-- We begin by reviewing your action steps from the previous session. then, if there is something specific you are bringing to work on, we will discuss this together. i will help point out the unconscious patterns at play in the situation and use the best fitting methods to support you, such as parts work / processing emotions. you can ask any questions you have and i will provide you with action steps to support your integration of the session.

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your next step...

If you feel aligned with everything shared on the pages above, Please schedule a call below at your soonest availability.

there are only 6 spots available and

spots will fill first come, first serve.

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